Divination Journal

At the beginning of the year (or even in October) I like to pull cards for the year. I do this by pulling a card for each month but also a card as an overall theme, so thirteen total cards. This journal is what I use and what I also suggest to others who wants to do the same. I don’t just stop there with just pulling the cards for the year, I also pull cards for the week and sometimes even the day. The reason for this is I want to see what’s coming up for the day or the week depending on how I am feeling. Sometimes I pull one card and sometimes I pull three cards. I like to journal what messages I receive about the card. Each time it’s different. I also like to include how I am feeling at that moment. It’s a great way to look back to see what’s going on at the end of the month or even the year. A time to reflect, a time to see growth and a time to see what needs work in my life and I help others do this also. Having a dedicated journal is important.


Dream Journal

This journal is dedicated to your dreams. Dreams can happen during the day and they can happen at night. This journal is something that I use in my own practice and what I suggest to others who are also students, friends and family. Have you ever woke up at night from a dream and not have paper to write on and thinking you will remember in the morning only to realize you forgot what you were dreaming? This helps to solve the problem and gives you a dedicated journal for just dreams. Why is it important to keep track of dreams? Sometimes dreams are a way for our guides and loved ones to leave us messages and sometimes our dreams answer questions that we have or helps to solve a problem that we have been having. When the mind is in a relaxed state it allows for not only healing that we all need but for the things we need to know to come through without the ego getting in the way.


Meditation Journl

If you are just beginning your meditation journey or if you just like to keep track of your meditations and how you felt on a particular day or how you felt after a meditation this is the journal for you. This format is something that I use with my own meditations and what I use with my students, this has allowed me and others to look back on the messages we received and understand the lesson. This journal has also helped me to get into a regular routine for meditation. Meditation is building the foundation for your spiritual journey.


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