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Jennifer Hodgson

Jennifer Hodgson

Jennifer grew up in Versailles, Indiana in a home where she was never told what she saw, felt, heard or just knew was her imagination.

Her father, Kennie Lee, worked at a factory in Batesville, Indiana and her mother, Carolyn Lee (McConnell)  was not only a stay at home mom but also was a baby sitter for many.  Jennifer has two brothers and one sister. Her mother passed away in 2014.

Jennifer's experience with the paranormal began at the age of seven. Almost on a nightly basis a woman would appear in her room. The energy was really strong and often frightened her. She still at times feels this energy.

Her belief of everyone being the same and able to communicate and just know things would change in 2010 with the death of her cousin. This not only changed her forever in who she was but in her beliefs.

Jennifer is not only a paranormal investigator, but she is also a reiki master, evidential medium and a certified past life practitioner.

In her spare time you can find her not only spending time with her family but also investigating with their group, Professional Paranormal Investigations.
Jennifer has been married to her husband, Steve, for twelve years. Steve and Jennifer live in a small town in Indiana. They have two daughters, Amanda and Samantha. They also have four grandchildren, Evan, Aubrie, Abbagale, and Delaney.

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